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My Porsche 951 turbo racecar,
built in-house - click to enlarge

racing at Portland International Raceway

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racing-at-PIR-2007-2.jpg (42985 bytes) ITE win 2002.jpg (258892 bytes)

      2007 race results: 


     3-4-07    I won ITE from pole position, and I won PCA2 -3rd overall in Portland.


     6-2-07     Portland Rose Cup:  I finished 4th overall in the Festival Trophy Race after qualifying 5th against some serious competition, finished 3rd in PCA2 .  fast race lap time of 123:80 with chicane


      8-26-07    P. I R. Portland:  I won the ITE race from pole position.  was hitting while passing, spun out, got back on the track and caught back up to the first place car and passed him with a few laps left!   cost me a front fender but was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!


     10-20-07    Harry Cadell and I raced his 911 RS Carrera in the 4 hour Endurance race at Pacific Raceways. from rain to dry the weather was unpredictable and tire choice was key. we finished 6th in class and did not bend the car!!   fun race.


     10-07  won third place in the SCCA season championship in ITE class by winning the last race of the year.


past seasons championship results:


     2001 Oregon Region SCCA 2nd place  in class PCA2


     2001 Oregon Region SCCA 4th place  in class ITE


     2002 Oregon Region SCCA 3rd place  in PCA2


     2002 Oregon Region SCCA 6th place  in class ITE


     2004 Oregon Region SCCA 6th place  in class ITE


     2004 Oregon Region SCCA  season Champion in class PCA2! 


             (all Porsche class)


     2005 Oregon Region SCCA  season Champion in class PCA2!


     2005 Oregon Region SCCA  4th place in ITE 


              ( only raced in four  ITE races this year)


     2006 Oregon Region SCCA  3rd place in ITE 


     9-2006  broke and now hold the track record at Portland in PCA2 


     2007 Oregon Region SCCA 3rd place season championship in ITE


Harrys-911-on lift-engine-out.jpg (112004 bytes) racecar-new-wing.jpg (117419 bytes)

     2006 racing news and projects:


Harry Cadell and I are going to drive his awesome 911 RS race car (pic at left) in the special 4 hour enduro race March 12th at Pacific Raceways ( formerly S.I.R) in Kent. we removed the engine and transmission to check everything out, no DNF's for us ! we have put together a great crew and are very prepared.  54 cars will be participating in four classes. we will be running in the P1 class. come out and support us and the I.R.D.C in the inaugural race of the new NW Enduro Racing Series. complete info at 


my race car ( right pic) just got a new fiberglass hood and rear bumper taking another 70 pounds out of the car ! I also just installed a rear wing for added down force , I can't wait to test it. the first race of the 2006 SCCA  season is April 1st at Portland International Raceway. 


special thanks to Roger at Knock-Out auto body in West Seattle for doing the body work and painting this off season!


9-2006     I broke and now hold the track record at Portland International Raceway in PCA 2 class!!!!!!!!    ( all Porsche class)  



Picture 003.jpg (82267 bytes) Picture 007.jpg (105221 bytes) Picture 008.jpg (95500 bytes)  6-30-05

after $2700 in bodywork ( hit in the chicane at Portland ) the race car's body is perfect!  I applied the new graphics cutting out and custom fitting a graphics kit I found on the net for another model car... just needs the mandatory class, sponsors and SCCA stickers and she's ready to race again!

Picture 009.jpg (120636 bytes) Picture 005.jpg (132732 bytes) Picture 001.jpg (127619 bytes)  11-15-03    rebuild time!

 Here we go, I pulled the engine out the bottom and started on the new block (on stand)....15 hours so far. next , pistons and crankshaft come out, get checked, re-installed with new bearings. The block will get honed and new piston rings will be installed...then put it all back together and ad all the new go-fast stuff. Any interested car guys that own one or are interested in seeing the project, call me and drop by! 

racecar-dash-removed.jpg (120883 bytes) racecar-newdash.jpg (112235 bytes) Heatercore-removed.jpg (128412 bytes)  1-24-04

I get my engine back this week !  a rebuilt short  block that has been o-ringed  and balanced. I will have to assemble the rest of the engine . The piston tops have been ceramic coated and the skirts treated with Moly.  New Raceware & ARP stud, rod and crankshaft fasteners....while I am waiting, I removed the dash and completely removed all the old heater core, fan and climate system that weighed around 45 lbs (picture 3). I also cut the dash in half lengthwise and removed another 15 lbs while still able to use the stock gauge cluster. New Lexan windshield will take even more weight off..........stay tuned

racecar-engine assembly-1.jpg (123192 bytes) racecar-o-rings.jpg (111640 bytes) racecare-engine-assembly-front.jpg (124987 bytes) 2-4-04

starting assembly,  ...fitting the copper o-ring material was tricky, has to be seamless to work ......waiting on my new big giant turbo and injectors.....


racecar-engine-no-cam-carrier.jpg (125686 bytes) turbos-new-old.jpg (114468 bytes) racecar-engine-with-turbo.jpg (123550 bytes)  2-6-04........3-15-04

...engine minus cam turbo,  ....completed engine with new turbo...ready to install!!!

rollcage-drivers2.jpg (113869 bytes) rollcage-passenger.jpg (114081 bytes) rollcage-rear.jpg (117260 bytes)  3-16-04

while the engine was out I upgraded the roll cage, very time consumer but worth it!

951-07-wiring harnesses.jpg (107851 bytes) 951-07-engine-managment-computers.jpg (114844 bytes) 951-07-rear-view-int.jpg (110704 bytes)  4-16-04

FINISHED !   6 months and 100's of hours...Bob Boyer of Random Engine Management ( and my buddy) made an entire new wiring harness and installed the Wolf engine management system with knock control is laptop programable.  He downloaded the MAP from his old car and it started right up and dyno'ed at 353+ HP at the rear wheels and made 350+ lbs of torque at 18 lbs of boost!...first race the 17,18th of April in Portland ................................

racecar-new18s-side.jpg (126753 bytes) 951-07-engine-front.jpg (122231 bytes)951-07-engine-lf.jpg (115233 bytes)951-07-engine-rf.jpg (120631 bytes)951-07-drivers door-view-int.jpg (102413 bytes)racecar-new-wheels-18s.jpg (90465 bytes)

racecar-trany-mount2.jpg (88318 bytes)aswest 004.jpg (97653 bytes)racecar-front suspension.jpg (112741 bytes)aswest 006.jpg (128095 bytes)racecar-rear sus..jpg (128284 bytes)racecar-trany-mount.jpg (83575 bytes)

Mike Belzers' (red)  , my racecar, and Bob Boyers awesome 968 bodied 951 on the dyno. Mike-Belzer-dyno-tuning.jpg (118493 bytes) dyno.jpg (50462 bytes) Bob-Alex-dyno-belzers-car.jpg (112741 bytes)

the boys.jpg (423904 bytes)

 Team 44 at Portland International Raceway Sept. 2000.

  from left to right:

  ....Mike Belzer, Bob Boyer, Steve Laughlin, Doug Cramm and Craig Hillis. 





Under construction, check back soon for more...

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