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    racing-at-PIR-2007-2.jpg (42985 bytes) Auto Services West 

hand picked pre-owned european automobile sales and related services

My Porsche 951 turbo racecar,
built in-house - click to enlarge

racing at Portland International Raceway

Your online performance source.


Tire Rack preferred installer, go to to order and ship directly to   Auto Services West for installation !     

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Welcome to the service desk! 

racing-at-PIR-2007-2.jpg (42985 bytes)

 Auto Services West is proud to be a Tire Rack preferred installer!!!

Your online performance source.  

* specializing in european automobile services *

Order direct from the on-line catalog  for tires, wheels, or performance upgrades.

Have your order shipped directly to Auto Services West for installation!!! use zip code 98136

Services Provided:

  left click on images to enlarge

Suspension Kits Installed, track and street 

bulletH&R Special Springs is a  sponsor on my racecar, I get the best pricing on all H&R products.  shop for your best price on H&R and then call me!
bulletBilstiein, Tokico, Eibach...the best brands and the best  pricing installed!
bulletfull coil over kits to street performance springs and shocks.

I will install your mail order parts!


Right picture..... customer Erik Benson's beautiful BMW M3 after H&R springs , Koni adjustable sport shocks. Turner Motorsports sway bars , short shift kit , cold air intake system and chassis braces have been installed.....1.25 inch lower in rear, 1.5 in front. Awesome performance and aggressive looks !  you will see Erik and his M3 at track days....

Benson-M3-yellow.jpg (123110 bytes)


Porsche 944 turbo, non-turbo and 968 repair and service

bullet951 / 944 and 968 experts , I know these cars inside out and can save you money on service, repairs and upgrades.
bulletclutches, timing belts / water pumps done right with big savings.
bulletfrom tune-ups to engine / transmission removal and rebuilding.
bulletI know and love working on these cars!
bulletpicture:  '86 944 turbo head removed for service and head gasket upgrade.


951-86-black-headwork-1.jpg (128014 bytes)


911 performance service and upgrades

bulletengines removed, resealed and upgraded
bulletsuspension upgrades including spherical bearings, torsion bar replacement, coil-overs,  lowering, brake and rotor upgrades. high performance and track upgrades.
bulletCarrera chain tensioner upgrades on your pre-1984 911, best price!
bulletregular service, tune-ups, oil changing, etc.
bulletpicture: Harry Cadell's immaculate 911 with the engine and trany removed, getting new Elephant Racing spring plate bearings and assorted tweeks..........3-3-05
Harrys-911-on lift-engine-out-2.jpg (117489 bytes)


Tire Mounting and Balancing preferred installer. I will mount your mail order tires.
bulletrace and street tires.  I mount and balance personally without damage!
bulletNew state of the art Hunter equipment capable of mounting ultra high performance tire and wheel combinations, up to 20+" in diameter
bulletseasonal tire change-overs

From $15 - $25 each (most wheels) + disposal fees


loose tire and wheel pick up and delivery available.


picture: Kumho 285x 35x 18 race tires on 18"x10" 3 piece race wheels.

Tire-machines-racewheels.jpg (90225 bytes)


Complete Brake, Shock, Struts, CV's, exhaust etc.

bulletFactory or high performance parts. I will install your mail order parts!
bulletstarters, alternators , any remove and replace service..
bulletAudi, BMW, Mercedes,  Jaguar, VW, and Porsche. call and tell me what you need , if it is a service I do you will save money on a quality job!

picture :  2002 twin turbo after installing a stainless steel performance exhaust

porsche-twin-turbo-2002.jpg (106751 bytes)


Engine Performance and track modifications- all makes and models

bulletPorsche 944 turbo / NA expert , I know them inside out and can build you a very competitive racecar or a fast , safe and reliable track car for a fraction of what other race shops would charge.
bulletsuspension, brakes and engine performance upgrades and service on all makes. I know what you need for a safe, quick, well handling track/race car..
bulletWolf engine management systems distributor and tech support
bulletTurbo upgrades, performance chips
bulletDyno services available at affiliated shop
bulletRacing / track  high performance engine tuning
bulletpicture: my 951 turbo racecar's engine bay
951-07-engine-lf.jpg (115233 bytes)


current project        10-19-08 

bulletI am converting a fuel injected 911sc into a carbureted '74 Carrera clone ..  
bulletengine is out, getting hotter cams, triple Weber carbs. 
bulletnew everything from bushings, shocks, sport clutch, sway bars, torsion bars, every seal and gasket, valve springs & seals, triple Weber carburetors on PMO manifolds, SSI stainless exhaust headers, sport muffler,  totally detailed . 
bulletit will get red centered 15"x8 and 15"x7 correct factory Carrera wheels and red Carrera script down the sides like my real '75 carreras and a "ductail" style '74 carrera tail.
bulletnew complete brake system , with rebuilt calipers SS lines, master cylinder, ATE racing blue fluid, Pigid pads..
bulletI cannot modify my two real Carreras as they are becoming worth to much in stock condition. so I am building this SC to play with as a street-track car.


engine is in !  Carrera logos on and wheels painted. a few parts before I start it !!!!


 just rebuilt all four brake calipers and rebuilt the front end suspension. it's a driver now and only needs minor tweeking now...

stay tuned for progress !

bulletI only take on one project at a time and give it my full attention, and save you $$$$$$$. let's talk about your project!


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